Amanda Hepburn

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Watercolours: colour mixing

Thanks for another great class, Yasmina.

Although I'm aware of the colour wheel, I had never built one or mixed colours with any real understanding. I found producing the colour wheel and further colour mixes from just three colours really interesting.

I used three base colours throughout. My paint supply is limited and gave for a duller result than I would like – but now I know I need to go out and get some magenta, cyan and yellow! Can't wait to play with something more vibrant.

For now I used Cotman's Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine. Even though the overall result was duller (particularly in the later exercises), I was surprised at what you can achieve from just three colours.


Intuitive mixing:


Colour play (wet and dry):


Swatches (I wasn't keen on what I was producing based on the wheel, so I gave up. Will try again with CMY):



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