Amanda Hepburn

Always arrives with camera attached.



Watercolour textures and type

It's a long time since I used watercolours, so I purchased a basic set of colours and the images tell the story of what happened next! 

I wasn't very pleased with with first three blots in their original state. Some of the colours weren't working well together – I need more practice mixing them and combining them on the page.

I got to a much happier place after working on them in Photoshop, so I'm glad I didn't destroy them and start again. It was good to go through the process. I felt like I'd reclaimed the orange one that had butted to the masking tape by using the brush to reform the blot shape and made the first two less ugly!

I enjoyed making the repeatable pattern, but feel I lost some clarity in the texture somehow, so I'll watch out for that next time.

After the text tests, I tried the repeatable pattern on some vectors I created recently from hand drawings.

Teela, this was a really good class and it's left me wanting to make loads more patterns to use in Photoshop.

Thank you :-)



Pattern applied to vectors that I've created from my own hand-drawn illustrations:



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