Watercolour projects

Watercolour projects - student project

Watercolour projects - image 1 - student project
Had fun with the monochromatic painting, because flat colours are easier for me. 

Watercolour projects - image 2 - student projectHad a little problem with the jellyfish - the blending of colours was very hard for me. The paper would warp or I’d get a hard edge of paint around the edges of the paint splotch, but I slowly figured out ways to deal with it. Somewhat. 

Watercolour projects - image 3 - student projectGalaxies were the hardest for me because of paper warping which pooled the paint, and the hard edges I kept having to deal with that made everything look unnatural.  Managed to fix a lot of it with multiple layers, which also increased the vibrancy of the colours. (First time splattering paint, too, but I figured it out!) They all looked really bad up until the final layer, when the colours finally started to blend a lot smoother. 

This isn’t my first attempt at galaxies, but it’s the best so far.  Thanks!