Watercolour play

Watercolour play - student project

I just got a new set of watercolours, the St Petersburg White Nights set, so I used the sheet they give you to do my swatching. I also did a huge colour chart to find out all the combinations I could make but it was too big to scan. I really like the indigo, green, carmine, bright blue and green colours. But honestly these are such a step up from the old watercolours I was using ( a no name set I bought from china because it was very cheap and I hadn't used watercolours before). I'm so in love with all of the colours just because they're sooo much nicer to use!Watercolour play - image 1 - student projectThis was my first experiment that I did with a large synthetic brush. I really enjoyed making it! At first I found it a bit difficult not to paint "a thing" but after a while I just started enjoying the way the colours were mixing on the page. I do see a little person in there with a big bum! But it's also kind of like a flower.Watercolour play - image 2 - student projectSome thumbnails I did for the second piece. Some of these I'd like to try out another time and maybe with different materials. I think I like the unplanned process better but I do like the image I ended up with.Watercolour play - image 3 - student projectThis looks like a flower again. I did love making this, especially applying the wet on wet technique. I find watching the colours slowly bloom into each other so calming to watch. It didn't end up exactly like I had planned but I think it's quite beautiful anyway. Watercolour play - image 4 - student project