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Watercolour pattern design - Coffee and teacups!


Sooooooo, I'm a day behind on this workshop because I had a painfully long uni assignment to complete first. I've really been looking forward to this because a lot of my drawing is just small doodles and characters which I think really lend themselves to patterns, but I've never quite been able to master patterns on my own so far.

I did a little bit of brainstorming, but that wasn't really hard for me because my notebook is full of little brainstorming lists that I never get around to completing. So even though I did a new brainstorm list, I ended up going back to an old idea - Coffee and teacups! I really like the idea of having a little phrase in there as well so I'll see how well that works into my final designs.

Here's a page from my sketchbook where you can see some brainstorming on the right and also a quick little waterproof pen test down the bottom (--I was actually surprised with the results of that! None of my art pens are waterproof!! The best waterproof pen turned out to be a standard black rollerball pen that I have which writes well and has a nice line. The only other waterproof pen I have is a finetip Sharpie but I don't like the line it draws. Definitely going to need to buy some more pens!!)



Okay, I've tidied up and have some nice sketches ready to watercolour. I did outline these in black before starting, but forgot to take a photo!



Finally watercoloured. I love my little teacup, he reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. Not keen on the colours in my coffee cup so they're going to get a tweak once I hit Photoshop! Just waiting for them to dry...



So, turns out that I had really huge trouble to with the background removal action to the point where after a few tries I gave up and removed the backgrounds by hand. My images really haven't digitized well and I'm really not happy with them, but I'm keeping going just because I don't want to give up or start all over again.

Here's the initial scan.


And here they are vectorised.





I've worked with my cute little teacup for my first pattern. Not sure on the colours, but I like how to pattern has turned out. It's been a long day of drawing, painting and playing so I'll be leaving my coffee cup for another day.



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