Watercolour flowers

Watercolour flowers - student project

I don't have the coloured brushpens in this video so I used watercolours. The watercolours worked fine but it was a bit trickier getting the colours right and then making sure they were consistent across the whole picture. It was also a bit tricky in places to draw the detailed lines - I think that would have been much easier with the pens.

I sketched out 2 pictures but I've only coloured the boquet so far. Here is it. I think the daisies may be a bit pale and might benefit from another coat of paint. (Oops, I forgot to erase the pencil lines but I don't think you can see them in this photo anyway!).

Watercolour flowers - image 1 - student project

And here is my swatch (sorry the photo is a bit blurry).

Watercolour flowers - image 2 - student project