Lauren Hughes

Creative and Graphic Designer



Watercolour - Silhouette & Sparkle!

I managed to drop red all over the image so i added a few more to make it a feature rather than a mistake! :-)

UPDATE: I know most people are already adding watercolour so I am a little behind, seem to be struggling getting the limbs right?! Feet especially!

I'm very aware that I am not the best drawer in the world, so I have tried to break down my mood board into sections... Silhouettes and Sparkles. I really love strong shapes and silhouettes, where in some shots the body and its pose is as striking and powerful as the outfit it is wearing. I am hoping by starting with a strong shape I am able to replicate this easier (fingers crossed!)........

.... I also love the sparkle and beatuy that fashion provides us with, the attention to detail, the folds of fabric, the glimmer and the shine, the beads and the lace.....


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