Watercolour Portrait

Watercolour Portrait - student project

Here's all my little values thumbnails. This is something I've never really done before and I found it really helpful for the final sketch. I put watercolour over them to stop them smudging on the next page.Watercolour Portrait - image 1 - student projectSkin tones. I found it really difficult to pick which primary colours to use. Should it be warm or cool colours? In the end I kind of chose a mix of warm and cool and it worked okay, but I did struggle initially to find a good range of skin tones. I also had an issue with my watercolours where they didn't seem to want to blend into each other smoothly. I kept getting these hard edges between the shades in my circles. I'm not sure if that's because the watercolours I have are not good quality or if it's something I'm doing wrong. Watercolour Portrait - image 2 - student projectWatercolour Portrait - image 3 - student projectThe final piece.

Okay, so I ran into so much trouble with this. I ended up using a brush pen because I couldn't define the features as much as I wanted to and it was just looking really washed out. Part of the problem is that my watercolours look chalky when they dry which meant that all the dark tones looked horrible. The other problem I had was that I found once I had put my values in at the beginning some of the facial features had shifted from my original sketch. I didn't realise this until later when I was trying to figure out why her face looked so strange. The nose had shifted way too far down. I tried to correct it by washing some paint off but that didn't really work. Then I tried gouache and that looked terrible. I feel like that area just looks really overworked now. Anyway...there it is.Watercolour Portrait - image 4 - student project

Here's my second attempt after getting new watercolours and better paper. Much happier with the results!Watercolour Portrait - image 5 - student project

Jo Jordan
Painter, sketcher, learner