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Watercolour - Modern Repeat

This week is going to be crazy busy and I won't have time to sit down and work on these for another week. Thought I'd experiment with adding a little bling. It's so much fun! This is my work in progress...

I've been practicing my illustration and watercolour. I'm trying to re-sketch my dresses before painting them for practice. I am having a hard time with the upper body, espicially arms and shoulders. It ends up looking very forced and stiff.

I've never really done watercolour before, it's a fun medium for me to work with. Easy to set up and clean, which is handy if I only have 20 min. I'm finding I am overworking the watercolour and am trying to stop before it gets too messy. Painting a white dress is tricky, so in one I made it pink. I also didn't put the dots, saving it for the next stage.

Finally, sketches. I spent so much time sketching and I hated the direction. Then I kept watching Katie's video over and over. Loose pencil, loose pencil. Finally ended up with these, happy with the way they are heading. Just need to keep doing it. Practice!

I seem to have the majority of my photos from one designer.  I can't help it, I like what I like! I'll keep adding to it as I find more.


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