Watercolour Letters - Three Different Styles to Make Your Words Stand Out

Watercolour Letters - Three Different Styles to Make Your Words Stand Out - student project

Hello everyone! I'm Bea, a hand-lettering artist from Spain, and this is my first Skillshare class!

 Earlier this year, I started a passion project, consisting on a series of Instagram posts featuring different ways to draw a letter using watercolour. Soon, people started asking for a video tutorial on how to draw the different styles, so in this class I’m teaching three of them. 3 letters, galaxy letters and balloon letters. I hope it will be useful for the lettering community.


In this intro course to watercolour lettering, you'll learn how to draw letters in three different styles, that you can use in many different ways.

First style is 3D lettering, and we will recreate those lovely wooden letters with light bulbs, but in a much more colourful way.

Second style, galaxy letters. Watercolour galaxies are one of the most beautiful things you can create, and when applied to letters, they look amazing. You'll be able to fit the whole universe in a word.

And third one, balloon letters. This one is a bit tricky, but I'll guide you through each step, so you can successfully draw letters that look like they may fly away at any time.

In this class, we will take a look at all materials you need to get started, and it includes templates for all three styles. This is a beginner's friendly class.



Your class project is to create a piece of lettering using one of the three styles: 3D, galaxy or balloon. You can use it to make one word stand out in a composition. You can also draw your favourite word, frame it and place it where you can see it every day. Or you can just draw the initial of your dearest friend's name and give it to them as a gift. 

Beatriz Nácher
Colourful Lettering & Calligraphy