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Watercolour Interior Ink Sketches for Mock-ups

Watercolour Interior Ink Sketches for Mock-ups




This idea did come up from my watercolor mock-up sketches that I did start doing them for presenting my surface pattern designs. It's a love for me, and an amazing outcome for the end user. I mean there are 1000 photo mock-ups for interior sketches, and I did see if I will use something that is free, well everybody will use it, and if I would want to buy them, it's hard to get the look and the feel for different project what if I want to have cloths, or shoes too, or shower curtains?



Then I did get idea to just make them....and it's an interesting product. The only thing was that I can't figure it out how to make a paper stuff for selling them. I mean I do have finish one pack for selling, with all Photoshop layering work so the end use could just place their design in it, but for now I have them just in my store on Etsy and nobody can't found me there.

So I did make a similar class, but it is not made for the same purpose, but just for purpose of sketching itself, and in a few days I did get 80 students and I'm super exited about that. Watercolors and Inking Secrets of Interior Sketching


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