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Watercolour Girls

Try to paint people in watercolour the first time, :P I found these models from fashion magazines and the Chinese lady is a screenshot.

Aquatic Girl 1


Aquatic Girl 2


Girl on Fire

For her skin tone I used: Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Organe (Cadmium Red +Cadmium Yellow light), and Yellow ochre - I should try Naples Yellow next time, Yellow Ochre gives a powderly result. :(

Also having troubles to make her hair appear darker. 


WuZeTian (AD 624 - AD 705) 

Wu is the only female Emperor in China's history. I took a screenshot from a recent TV series about her and go from there... the actress is much prettier! But I think I have got her expresson right.

For her skin tone I used: Cadmium Yellow Medium, Raw Sienna, Cadmium Red (some books suggest Phthalo Red, but I don't have that colour), Yellow ochre (once again, it is a mistake, I should try Naples Yellow next time). I added Burnt Sienna for warm shadow, Burnt Umber+Alizarin Crimson for cool shadow. They look dirty. Not very successful this time trying to paint realistic shadows.

A sketch before painting, I forgot to take photos of the other girls:



Classic Girl

This one is a real challenge, the angle and the values, etc. I like the first layer of paints I put down, as I push the values further... Look! She changes her attitude! I think adding in some abstract background colours would help to tell a story. Next time. :)




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