Watercolour Fox (digital brushes in Procreate)

Watercolour Fox (digital brushes in Procreate) - student project

Hi Louise,

I’m not the usual student because I am a digital artist, but I wanted to thank you for your great class. I have recently purchased some Watercolour style digital brushes and I wanted to see if I could paint a semi-realistic Watercolour in Procreate on my iPad. Thanks to your tips for how to paint the fox, I’ve been able to recreate an ok digital Watercolour! I wasn’t able to do a very good salt wash effect or blooms because there just aren’t the digital brushes for that, but I am happy with what I’ve achieved. Jo Watercolour Fox (digital brushes in Procreate) - image 1 - student project 

Jo Louise
Writing, Illustration & Design