Watercolour Final Galaxy | Skillshare Projects

Luísa Monteiro

Graphic Design student



Watercolour Final Galaxy

I began doing the initial exercises, testing the use and amount of water, the gradient, all with a Faber Castell pan set:


Then, the second precision exercise:


It was hard for me to do the circles all around each other, so I did three times to ensure I was training my precision. I started to texture as well. I don't have bleach and inks at home, so I did pretty much with watercolours and salt.

My jellyfish project:


It was fun to do but I left some blue parts of my galaxy touch my jellyfish page while it was wet. :(

On my final galaxy project, I've used lots of colours and tried to create contrast with red and yellow parts.

Since I don't have white ink, I've done the white spots with a correction fluid:


I really enjoyed this class and I will definitely do an illustration on top of my galaxy. I'll post an update here. Thanks for the class, it as awesome!


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