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Anna Day

Calligrapher & Designer



Watercolour Explorations

For this project I used mostly Winsor & Newton artists' quality tube watercolours, along with a few tubes from other brands. Lightfastness is important to me, so I only purchase pigments with high ratings.

Transparencies & Gradients


Pulse & Precision


Monochrome Activity


Experimental Activity

In the first swatch of the third row I used table salt; it made hardly any difference. In the other swatches of that row I used coarser salt; it created more interesting textures.

Since I don't have any bleach, I used rubbing alcohol in the first two swatches of the fourth row.

In the fifth row, for the gold and silver, I used Finetec Inca Gold, Winsor & Newton Gold gouache, and Finetec Sterling Silver. I particularly like the Finetc products.


Jellyfish Activity


Galaxy Project

I used Dr Martin’s Bleed Proof White for the spatters, spots, and white lines.

I am disappointed in the spatters. I think I did too much spattering. I tried to get larger spatters with both an old toothbrush and an old stiff brush, and varied the distance from the paper, but all the spatters ended up small. Suggestions?

I used real constellations, but made no attempt to arrange them as they would be in the sky. Since I live in Australia, the Southern Cross is central in my drawing. The others, clockwise from upper left, are Lyra, Taurus, Regulus, Cassiopeia, Sagittarius, and the Big Dipper. I indicated the approximate degree of brightness of the stars in the constellations according to diagrams I found on the internet.

I added a few pink stars, mixing some pink ink from a metallic pen with a little white. I wanted to keep them unobtrusive, and you may not see them in the scan.


Thank you, Ana Victoria, for guiding these watercolour adventures!


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