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Watercolour Explorations

First time since kindergarten that I am doing something with 'real' paint. I have done all the base exercises and struggling still with consistent lines (continuous width, continuous colour).

The Excercises

The gradients and transparencies worked out reasonably well.



Linework needs more practice... I did quite a few 'test drives' using plain printer paper too.


Project 1

I am only 'moderately content' with the outcome of the first project. I created my own simple design, loosely based on mendhi work. The places were I wanted the lines to be strong turned out to be a bit 'cakeish'. I am going to try something similar again. I love how in the video the petals have multiple shades and some texture, my petals look too much one colour and have a bit of an acrylic paint look to them.


Watercolour Effects

This part was heaps of fun.. got all paints (don't have that many) and my sumi ink out and played a little bit with those.


Project 2

And then I started the jellyfish project. Heaps of fun. Still got to work on getting that continuous colour into thin lines. Also the consistent lines could get some more dedication, but overall I am happy with this first result. Was it fun? YES! Heaps of fun!


Project 3 : Galaxy

Soooo.. I finished this project and whilst I had some fun doing this, I know now 'it is not my thing'. I will play a lot more with layering and trying to work out how to get more vibrant colours in watercolours, but if I attempt something like this again it will most likely be something like an 'under the sea' or 'all pastels' background thing.

I think my resulting project looks both messy and gloomy and I am not impressed by it at all. I have no inks or acrylics and made these with a cheap watercolour kit and the kuretake watercolour paints. The white in the latter kit was opaque enough to use for the stars, though the smaller splatters disappeared on me (after drying). The salt and bleach do not seem to affect these paints too much although some texture was achieved.



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