Watercolour Experiments

Watercolour Experiments - student project

I completed the pigment in water, blending and overlapping experiments. I also tried the cauliflower but I found that the paper I was using was too heavy to really see the effects as opposed to when I paint in my Windsor and Newton sketchbook.


I used:

Princeton Select sizes 12 and 8 brushes

Windsor and Newton Cotman watercolour set of 16 half pans

Chroma Blends heavyweight watercolor paper 160lb 

Room temperature is 78 degrees F


I REALLY enjoyed this class especially seeing how the time, wetness of brush and the type of paper affected the blends. Now I know how to avoid cauliflowering when I dont want it in my drawings. 

Heading over to your drinks class with my new-found knowledge *yay*!Watercolour Experiments - image 1 - student projectWatercolour Experiments - image 2 - student projectWatercolour Experiments - image 3 - student projectWatercolour Experiments - image 4 - student project