Watercolour Effect on Sugar: Marketing

Watercolour Effect on Sugar: Marketing - student project

WAHOO I started my Marketing Sunday night and have reached 25 enrolments TODAY!

In case anyone is interested in making custom toppers that can be added to any cupcakes or cake here is the class link:


1. Enrolled in classes of other June Teach Challenge teachers that I have been following and was interested in learning from their class.  

2. Created 25 free enrolments.

3. Shared it on my personal Facebook page

4. Posted the link on a Cake Decorating Forum, as I thought other cake decorators would be interested.

5. Shared the free enrolment link on my business facebook page for my followers

6.  Emailed and sent private messages to individuals that I thought would be interested or in the cake decorating business because their feedback would be invaluable. 

7. I have shared the link on my business Facebook account.

8. I have sent personal messages to my family to encourage them to sign up too!

9. I am planning an event where I bake mini cupcakes for my family and friends who have signed up and we can all finish the class project together.  Everyone will make their own toppers for their own set of cupcakes.

Tobi Goldspink
Cake Designer and Maker.