Watercolour Colour Study

Watercolour Colour Study - student project

I've tried for a really long time to get harmonious shadows in my pieces. I know of the 'shade with a colour and not gray' rule but the colours I chose never seemed to match. This was the first time I'd ever heard of warm light = cool shadows and vice versa. 

I did 2 studies. The first one was the RYB & CMY colour wheels using my Mijello watercolours. I'm more of an illustrator so I loved the bright clear greens I got on the CMY wheel but I can appreciate the more natural greens on the RYB side for landscapes.

Watercolour Colour Study - image 1 - student project

I also did a little watercolour sketch for a piece I have in mind. I tried to use warm lighting with yellows and more olive toned greens, then I shaded with more blue green hues in an attempt to make cooler shadows.

Watercolour Colour Study - image 2 - student project

Was I successful? Any other tips to give me?

Thank you for such an intuitive class. I've been an artist for several years now but I never went to an art school so I feel like I'm missing some insight on some of the fundamentals.