Watercolour Christmas Patterns

Watercolour Christmas Patterns - student project

GIVEAWAY! Watch this class and post a project by 27th November 2019 for the chance to win some of my favourite Princeton Aqua Elite brushes! Check the discussions board for full details.

I recently discovered how much I love painting patterns - they really help me to slow down, unwind and focus on my brush control. In this class, I hope to share this with you!

You can also paint really cute festive projects with them, like with these jumpers, hats and mittens! And then turn them into Christmas tags or cards. Like with the tags below, I didn't have a plan for these when I started painting them, I designed them as I went and just improvised. With my page of pattern elements to refer back to (which we create in the practice section of the class), it was super easy to do and lots of fun!

Watercolour Christmas Patterns - image 1 - student project

So, in this class I share with you tips for brush control, ideas for patterns, how to combine them, how to paint a jumper, hat and mittens, plus tips on how to design your own patterns and how to turn them into tags. It's packed.

I hope to see you in class! 


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