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Watercolour Adventure!

This is day one of my watercolour adventure. I've always loved the look of watercolour and really enjoyed doing it as a child. After years of neglecting my creative side I've decided to play with colour again =D Today I created a colour chart using the primary colours and had heaps of fun. I used Primary Red, Primary Yellow, Ultramarine Blue and Cobalt Blue. Here it is!


I painted some Banana's! One of the books recommended by Katie is "You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolours" by Yuko Nagayama. The first lesson was painting some bananas. I tried to stick with using the 3 colours (Primary Red, Yellow and a blue).I was happy with how they turned out. Looking forward to the 2nd lesson which is oranges and lemons =D 


Today I rushed home from work to start the next lesson in the book. The light was fading fast but I really wanted to just get something on paper anyway. I think I will try again when I have more spare time and more light, but here are the lemons and orange I did today, once again just using the primary colours.Bit messy but still happy with my first attempt =D



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