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Anwaar Saleh

Fashion illustrator and pattern designer.



Watercolors Project

Saturday February 3rd, 2017


Sunday January 29, 2017


Bling bling shoes by Jimmy Choo.

Thursday January 14, 2016

So lucky to be able to finish my homework on time!

This is the leather shoes by 'Christian Dior'. It's my first time painting shoes which I never thought was fun ever before. So those definitely won't be my last :).


I thought I wouldn't have the time to finish painting the Suede shoes. Because I was lacking time, I'm not sure what brand this is but I googled it and found it easy to illustrate. 



I can't believe it took me this long to upload my project! 

Sadly, I couldn't find my watercolor palette so I used my acrylics for this project. 

Here is the outcome of mixing colors:


I will update this page with my illustrations later.


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