Watercolored Maps: Creating a Unique Souvenir

Class Description

When we travel, a purchased map shows us all the possible places of historic or cultural interest to visit, but a personal map evolves from something more spontaneous--the unique experiences you stumbled upon during your journey.

One way to pull all the ephemeral memories of a place together is to create your own map -- a very personal mini guide to your unique journey. In this class, we will turn all those memories into a piece of art that will remind you of a special place: a watercolored map filled with personalized "monuments"; a place that is close to your heart and totally unique to the time you spent there.

Class Project

Our class project will be to create a unique illustrated map of a beloved place. 

We will begin with image research and drafting the plan of our city or place, then move on to sketching out the rough map and thumbnails of our personal monuments.  After creating a clean pencil version of our map, we will finalize the artwork by coloring it with watercolor.

Outline link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rDXGguGIwo_DPU5PhenWYElVBfbyat_lUJyQcz2VV3Q/edit?usp=sharing


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