Watercolor - student project

Watercolor - image 1 - student projectHelen, the links for this course are no longer working.  They open up to a different link.  I did make my own textured swatches but they would not transfer to swatches.  I had to export them them as jpeg and bring back in to Illustrator as jpeg to get swatches to accept them.  But then there were black lines in the swatch itself and when I used it in the text.  I've added a pic below showing how it worked.  

Should I have done this another way?  How to get the black lines out?


So I really enjoyed the class.  I had taken some pictures of stained glass in a couple of churches and had been wanting to do something with them but not sure what.  The watercolor worked perfectly!

Watercolor - image 2 - student project

Watercolor - image 3 - student project

Watercolor - image 4 - student project