Watercolor tools and materials

Watercolor tools and materials - student project

Thank you Eliza for this super interesting class! 

I have and I use: 

- Winsor and Newton Cotman watercolor half pans, travel set of 12 (I use a lot and really like it!),

- Watercolor gouache tubes from an older set of 12, some used up and I added some other tubes to that. 
- Canson watercolor paper, 300 gsm. Not 100% cotton (I find it too expensive for now!), but it is ok. 

- A couple plastic palettes, and some white dinner plates (ceramic and tempered glass), as they wash easy in the dishwasher!.

- Watercolor brushes: Princeton Aqua Elite Round set of 5, sizes 6, 4, 2, 0, 3/0, and a bigger flat brush.

- 2 water jars and a spray bottle (a must!).

- Paper towels, but also cloth towel (re-purposed dish towel; I find it better for the environment).

- Masking tape (not pictured: the board on which to tape the paper). 

Extras: tooth brush, Posca white pen for highlights, silver gouache. 

Not pictured: pencils, watercolor pencils, micron pens, markers, fountain pen.


Watercolor tools and materials - image 1 - student project

Not using: the hair dryer, as it moves the wet paint and makes a mess. The iron, as I am scared of using it (lol I do not iron. Ever.), but I may give it a try to straighten buckled up paper, as this happens a lot! 

Wish list: 

- Extra more professional paints, like Sennelier, White Nights, Van Gogh, Kuretake and Daniel Smith (I like tubes better, but I use pans too).

- Liquid watercolors like Dr. Ph. Martins.

- Glitter pens.

- Water brushes.

- Watercolor markers.

- and I want to try using 100% cotton watercolor paper some time!