Watercolor textures

Watercolor textures - student project

Watercolor textures - image 1 - student projectVery interesting class!  This was something I had never even really considered for watercolors was adding texture with the watercolor themselves.  I had done zentangles or line-and-wash kinds of pictures but never anything with watercolors.  I have a lot to learn.  As a relatively new painter with watercolors (about a year), I've still a lot to learn and this class opened up a whole new world I had never considered.  Thank you.  I truly enjoyed it.  The one thing I thought by the end of the last picture is that maybe for a newbie like me, perhaps a small sketchbook size (5.5 x 8) watercolor may not be the easiest choice for adding textures.  Lots of very tiny spaces.Watercolor textures - image 2 - student projectWatercolor textures - image 3 - student projectWatercolor textures - image 4 - student project