Watercolor sketchbook


Hi, Caleb, thank you for your class! This is the very first notebook i've ever made but it won't be the last one!

I've made textile caver and used some good whatercolor papper (190 and 300 gsm), so there're only 2-3 sheets of paper in any signature.Also I didn't cut that paper, I ripped it cos I wanted my sketchbook to look more handmade. Also I didn't find waxed thread in my city, only waxed cord, which, I guess, was a bit harder to work with, but looks pretty good if you ask me.

Well, I made some mistakes (just look at that corner on photo below), but I'm really happy about it anyway and I'm going to take it with me to Italy in the end of the month to fill it with road sketches ^_^

Thank you again, hope to see more classes from you!




Oops, almost forgot to show endsheets. It's light grey paper



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