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Watercolor quote

For my quote I've chosen Aclonica font from Google font library. It's quite bold and I love some letters like h, m and n. 

As I haven't a light box, I've used old and simple technique to transfer a-z to watercolor paper: window and daylight :)


For colors I've chosen violet, blue and azure. They seem to make pretty cool combinations when mixing. So, here's the watercolor result.


It was a huge fun to make wet on wet! From one hand you have a control of shape, from the other there's a space for improvization with colors. Great! :)

Since I don't have a proper scanner (the one I have transfer colors badly), I prefer to take photos of my watercolors, then adjust color balance in Lightroom and transfer jpg to GIMP (I still don't get along with Photoshop but I'm going to fix it ASAP:)).

Then I've moved to Illustrator and traced it in high fidelity photo.


And the final quote looks like this.


It's my desire, actually. Because there's so much fuss about politics and confrontation between my homeland and our neighbour recently. And I desperately wish there to be peace, love and more Art and Creation in the world. So I've decided to draw it and while I was drawing I thought why not to print it on t-shirt? I'd love to have one :)

I'm so happy to have an opportunity to make this project. I'm not new to watercolor but have never used it in such way.

Thank you, Amarilys! Really great job :)


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