Aimee Sicora




Watercolor - playful delights

My most recent watercolor... like the bright pop of color .. wondering whether to add embellishments of glitter/sequins?

Here is one of my paintings ... it looks better in real life and i'm not really a fan of the black marker pen I used to outline. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

Sketches! sorry the quality of the photographs is npt very good! I am out of town at the moment so I don't have a scanner!

I would love some feedback :) so let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or advice!

Just a quick picture of adding some paint- terrible quality I know!! have lots more painting that I want to do and will get better photos and scans of what I am doing! 

I wanted to a few  different moodboards with different looks and feels so that I can produce a variety of illustration sketches from them. I had so much fun putting these together :)


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