Watercolor & gouache studies

Watercolor & gouache studies - student project

Loved this class. Loved experimenting with the mediums, I even discovered a new color mix that I like.

Watercolor & gouache studies - image 1 - student project

For watercolor, I learned that:
I prefer to work with a bigger brush.
I prefer improv to planned.
I prefer bold colors.
I prefer colorful to monochromatic.
I prefer wet on wet
I prefer the look when I paint together but since I make patterns out of my paintings, I'd have to paint separate items.
I love the added details.


Watercolor & gouache studies - image 2 - student project

I'm just getting started with gouache. I purchased a very cheap set because I didnt know if I would like it, and I kinda fell in love. I think my colors are better in gouache than in watercolor.

I loved experimenting with thicker and thinner consistency and testing some layering.

I still prefer a bigger brush with the gouache, I think I crate more dynamic stuff with a big brush.

I prefer the wet on dry for gouache.

I still prefer to improvise than to plan with this medium.

I still prefer the items together but, again, I would need to make them separate for pattern making.

I thought that using the brush as a drawing tool was pretty fun, I like the results!


Thank you for this class, it opened some possibilities for me