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Watercolor exercises

Hi Everyone! I'm new with watercolor and determined to learn how to pain with it! I love it.! I am a graphic designer and during art school I learned to paint with acrylics and colored pencils mostly, and I enjoy them but always wanted to learn watercolors. Thank you Angela for this amazing class!! I loved it!!!

Here are some of my exercises.

1. Playing with combining my watercolors to see how many different colors I could get out of my set. I am using DaVinci, W&N and Daniel Smith, all in primary colors



2. Trying some salt effects (love them!)


3. Trying to layer some color and water to see how it will react (too much water at the top)


4, Trying some cling wrap and salt to create effects (love them love them!! )


5. Apple exercise. So much FUN! :D this was my first one.. I had so much trouble LOL! way too much water and too much color ( I need some rehab from acrilyc painting hehehe)


6. Second Apple. I felt I had better water content but way to much color so I stopped..


7. This one I really liked it. Still some water problems but much better than my first exercise. Didn't like the green for the leaf but I need to get myself a different color


8. I tried some color mixing on the paper using fall leaves! I love their colors..




Final Project.

I chose this lovely sea turtle. I love sea turtles. I love how relaxed they always seem to be!! I liked this one because of the cool water effects and the textures on the turtle. I tried to focus on the texture, and to represent the turtle (not in a complete exact realistic turtle) but more like a painting of the turtle..


I got this second reference for the water because I wanted a more tropical water color..


I wanted it to look almost like floating in the water.. that feeling I get when I see turtles in the middle of the sea and they are almost floating, letting the water move them. Here is my result.



I  really liked the salt effects so I created a wash for the background and then applied some salt and let it sit for an hour. This was the result. I am very happy considering it is my first watercolor !! :)


I am looking forward to continue on this journey!! :)


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