Watercolor effects as shown by Engenia Sudargo

Watercolor effects as shown by Engenia Sudargo - student project

Yeah so I followed this class as a way to relax after packing for a trip I'm going on. The class is all about technique so there's no way you can be disappointed by the work, it's great.

After I finished I wondered if I'd missed a step because my paper had the 2 top left squares with no "effects" in them (the paint on wet, and the wet on wet paint), but the colors were nice with no pattern so it kind of balances the rest of the pattern-heavy squares.

I remembered to prepare my masking tape by sticking it to my jeans a couple of times to remove any excess tackiness. It mostly worked, I just ripped a tiny bit of paper when removing the tape at the end.

I don't own any masking fluid, nor high-proof alcohol, nor vaseline, so I skipped those. My paint did not react very much to salt, and the soap I used just fizzled out completely before drying.

I added a square with white correction fluid under watercolor, but it just looked dirty.

My splatters kind of went everywhere, which was not so bad on the page, but not so good for the table and the stuff around...

Watercolor effects as shown by Engenia Sudargo - image 1 - student project


Thanks Eugenia for a fun and informative class! The time I spent doing this was quite relaxing, I feel I've accomplished a little beautiful something thanks to you.

Now I have a nice page to welcome me back for when I get back for my trip, and maybe I'll take the time to try other effects and different paints next time.


Updated  later in May 2019, played more with soap and salt.

Watercolor effects as shown by Engenia Sudargo - image 2 - student project





















This time my soap bubbles managed to dry without popping. I think what worked better was to use a straw to blow and trap air in the soapy paint, rather than twirling a paintbrush in the paint. Mixing up the paint with a brush or stick makes very small bubbles which maybe break more easily. Or maybe there was more soap. Anyway after drying there is a (dish) soap residue which might not be very durable. The soap and water also attack the adhesive of the masking tape; that's why I've got red and purple bleeding outside of my little windows.

Watercolor effects as shown by Engenia Sudargo - image 3 - student project


Also noticing my brush is shedding....

I still really like the white droplets effects on dark blue space skies. I think that's the effect I'm most likely to use again.