Watercolor blobs

Watercolor blobs - student project

There is a watercolor practice exercice that is widely spreading on pinterest. It is about drawing blobs in watercolor on the page, then filling blobs with ink random patterns. The ref I chose is from Cecile Hud', and what I liked about it is that she went outside the blobs with her ink drawings:

Watercolor blobs - image 1 - student project


1. Analyze: the blobs are nicely ordered, in similar colors.Instead of staying in the blob with her ink patterns, she's sometimes drawing above, below, andsome elements go through the whole art. She uses black ink and white paint. There's a consistent theme along the piece which are the birds / garden.

2. Practice: I trained doing blobs of watercolor. Quite easy, but mixing colors with wet on wet technique helps get it interesting. I tried different doodles as well (I did not like the white on watercolor)

Watercolor blobs - image 2 - student project


Watercolor blobs - image 3 - student project

3. Pivot: Here I'm choosing to not stick with regular blobs, but change their size and shape. I pick another topic: childs playground. And I stick to what I liked in my exploration: black ink. But I let my drawing span on several blobs.


Watercolor blobs - image 4 - student project