Watercolor and mixed media

Watercolor and mixed media - student project

Negative space first try:

This one didn't go as smooth as I wanted. I had some difficulty to keep the edges wet enough to have a nice flow. When drying up the edges seemed more crooked then when still wet... Will need some more practice on this one!

Watercolor and mixed media - image 1 - student project

Masking fluid

I really loved this exercise! I used masking fluid in the past and it smelled all kinds of horrible and was difficult to move around. This fluid was completely different (Pebeo: Drawing gum). No bad smell, really liquid and a light gray bluish tint so it is easily seen while working. It was as easy to work with as regular paint. I'm quite pleased with the result as well. I love that you can experiment without having to worry to much about getting sharp edges right.

Watercolor and mixed media - image 2 - student project

White ink

Tried to use some old acrylics that I had lying around but they wouldn't mix well with the water. The white ink I bought was too transparent so I ended up using the white in my aquarelle pallet and was impressed how opaque it was. I used it for the splatters, stars and the moon. I also used black ink for the silhouettes.

Watercolor and mixed media - image 3 - student project

Clouds activity

I was looking forward to this one so much! I used to take an oil painting class and loved how sculptural I could work with those paints, but the whole cleaning up, waiting for it to dry part was just not my thing. Creating these clouds reminded me a bit of what I used to do with my oil paints.Thanks for sharing all these cool techniques!!! I loved it and am quite happy where I got for a first time try. I'm so excited to get working on the final project!

Watercolor and mixed media - image 4 - student project

Final project.

For my daughter's birth we crafted these little animals with crowns and jewels to hand out to the visitors. It was fun to create a painting with one of these animals in it. I love surrealism so when thinking of the clouds and how to use them in a personal work the elephant idea was born.

I used masking fluid to mask the space for the elephant. Negative space was used for much of the detailing in the elephant. And white paint for the clouds and the stars.

I had so much fun with this class and learned  so many new skills, I can't wait to dive into the next class!

Watercolor and mixed media - image 5 - student project


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