Watercolor and gouache

Watercolor and gouache - student project

I love watercolor and I'm trying to love gouache.  You are so right when you said at the end of the video, to not be disappointed if you could see all the washes/layers in gouache and that the paint wasn't as smooth as it looks on camera.  I still think I have really cheap gouache so I ordered new better quality gouache.  I hope they arrive soon so I can practice more. 

Great class. Thank you.

Watercolor and gouache - image 1 - student project

Above: Watercolor roses. Had to redo this one several times until I had something decent to show.  

Below: gouache flowers and ink.

Watercolor and gouache - image 2 - student project


I did not have a nice tin can, but I had this nice ornate container a friend gave me years ago.  I thought it would look perfect in gouache.  It took me many hours, but I did it. 

Watercolor and gouache - image 3 - student project

Thank you for making me understand the properties of gouache a bit better.