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Erika Gibson

fashion illustrator wannabe



Watercolor and Shoes

Hello, everyone! :)

This isn't actually my first time with watercolor, but I've always avoided it because my artwork would always end up in a huge mess. But after seeing a friend's artwork using watercolor and a pencil, I was in love. I normally do some digital painting, but I thought it would be nice to learn how to use traditional media as well.

This was the first project I did... The color was supposed to be a creamy pink color, though. But I made a mistake and made it a salmon color instead. This was a disaster!

I believe I did this few days after completing the first project. I had originally written these words in ink pen, but they didn't come up when I scanned it. So I had to use a brush in Photoshop to write it out. (Because handwritten words are prettier than typed words. ;D) I borrowed these shoes from the Rakuten Global website.

My latest work. Betsey Johnson shoes. I really love the way pen and watercolor looks together!


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