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Watercolor--Zoe went a little cray. cray.


Loved, loved, loved playing with the watercolor. I purchased the Winsor & Newton watercolor set and compared to my cheapy Artist's Loft set from Michael's, these are divine. (Was initially annoyed that black wasn't pre-made but after Katie's lesson in black, not anymore.)

I'm thoroughly addicted--thanks, Katie.

Since I didn't buy the Arches watercolor paper--the paper creased when wet so there are some weird shadows from scanning these but....


Just to be true to the class, a fashion-y sketch (Valentino 2013)



The Erdem-my way


This one's my favorite--Zoe did go a little cray.cray.


And a favorite "Pinterest" outfit:



The Sketch Process.....

As with any class I take, I hope to learn a skill AND learn something about myself.

Obsessed with this Spring 2013 Erdem collection--I love the colors and textures. So interesting AND different to me--these dresses were what I wanted to paint....

So, I tried it Katie's way--the sketching. It felt awkward, but learning always is , right?

And then I tried it my way:

And another..

So I've learned thus far....

1.)My way is definitely not couture-y, design house, but I loved trying and am still practicing

2.)I like heavier lines

3.) AND I def need one of those stretchy erasers.

Can't wait to paint!!!


 Mademoiselle Zoe sniffed a few too many flowers at the garden party. Her head, now filled with pops of neon and vintage wallpaper, caused her rose colored glasses to see possibility in technicolor. She envisioned lunch under the Eiffel Tower, chatting with Coco, herself, on the need to get rid of the black.






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