Watercolor Yellow Rose

Watercolor Yellow Rose - student project

I enjoyed painting this rose but I was also very frustrated most of the time.
I like how Louise is explaining everything she does in details so even a beginner is able to follow the steps. What I was frustrated about was the way my paint performed - totally different than Louise's. Especially when glazing my paint was not flowing but it rather stood on top of the paper in a kind of plastic-y way. When I tried to wet the paper, the water was either laying on top in a puddle or soaked right away so basicaly I wasn't working with a damp paper. I'm still a beginner so I cannot understand what causes this so any advice will be more than welcome. 
I used White Nights student grade paint (Sonnet), Hahnemuhle hot pressed paper 300 gsm and Sylver Black Velvet brush. 
Watercolor Yellow Rose - image 1 - student project
Watercolor Yellow Rose - image 2 - student project

Elina Zhelyazkova
Watercolor Artist