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Ciarra Rouwhorst

Fine Art Calligrapher & Designer



Watercolor Workshop: Create With Confidence

Class Project: Create a Gorgeous Watercolor Background or Texture with Ease and Confidence

You will complete this project by submitting the following deliverables:

1- Post Your Questions

If there is something specific about watercolors or your painting process that you struggle with, post it on the discussion board right away. This way your fellow student and myself can be a support system, and take some of the initial trouble shooting out of the way. Take a look at what other's have posted! Maybe some of your questions have already been answered. This will help you to become involved in the class right from the start. 

2 - Chart Your Watercolors

Whether you choose to start with a new set of watercolors or dig out the watercolors you had as a kid, charting your colors is a great exercise. Before you can manipulate your paints, you have to understand how they work and how they interact with each other. You can either create a gradient chart, a mixing chart, or both. Snap a picture and upload it to this class. Also tell us what supplies you are using and what you've learn about them so far. How transparent is your paint? How textured is your paper? Explore the tools you have and let us know what you discover. 

3- Create a Watercolor Background or Texture

Using the skills from this class, create a watercolor background or texture from a custom mixed pallet and interesting textures. You can use it as a background for hand lettering, digitize it for a graphic image, or frame it by itself. Get comfortable with your paint, create with intent and just enjoy the process. Take a picture and upload it to your class project. If you use your watercolor as a background or texture for further use, I would love to see this as well! 

The goal of this class:

Get comfortable using watercolors and enjoy the process of creating. I hope these videos and this project can help you to fall in love with this beautiful medium of liquid color. 

Here is the link to my outline:


I am putting the finishing touches on my class, I hope to publish soon! 

Oh man! I completed my class, got my 25 students and am starting to trend! You can check it out here:



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