Watercolor Workout

Watercolor Workout - student project

I squealed like a toddler when I saw Jen had released her latest course! I can not wait to dive in, head first - and throw caution to the wind. 


Here's my 'door' that I painted as per Jen's instruction on Day One. Drills coming up!

Watercolor Workout - image 1 - student project



Days 1 and 2 of Jen's Drill recommendations to build muscle memory and my mark making vocabulary. I really enjoy these types of drills because they are so meditative. Of course, you are actually creating something as well as working towards mastering a particular mark which can often be the day's inspiration without realising it, (hence, my leaves piece). Still so much more to go and while I may skip about, I am dedicated to getting in 14 days of drills at varying skill combos to see what improvement I can after the two-week dedication. 


Watercolor Workout - image 2 - student project


Watercolor Workout - image 3 - student project


Watercolor Workout - image 4 - student project


Watercolor Workout - image 5 - student project



Drillin, drillin', drillin'!!

I found the letters to be quite challenging, so that will stay on my daily drill routine for some time I think. Interestingly enough, painting them opposite from the way I write them seems more comfortable, how weird is that? 

Watercolor Workout - image 6 - student project



I'll just leave these right here....

Watercolor Workout - image 7 - student project


Watercolor Workout - image 8 - student project



It has been a hot minute since I updated this project. But I wanted to show that just like the scribble map when sketching, I have incorporated watercolor warm-ups before I paint intentionally. 


I've noticed a few things as a result:


  1.  I like color more (I was black before black was the new black, IJS).
  2. My precision has really improved, especially when medicated. (keeping it real.)
  3. I have garnered inspiration from simple pattern like warm-ups when hitting a creative road-block. 
  4. I have surprisingly learned a lot about how my water-to-paint ratio on my brush differs from paper to paper (using watercolor scraps when I have had them for a lot of drills lately). Even with cartridge paper the results are so varied from paper to paper I have fallen in love with watercolor all over again. (Is that weird? Ok, its probably weird but... I've been guilty of weirder, promise. 


Jen did say at the end of her class, it takes as much time as it takes. So, zero stress and complete joy are the name of my game here. 

Watercolor Workout - image 9 - student project


Watercolor Workout - image 10 - student project


P.S. Circles are harder than they look. 

Watercolor Workout - image 11 - student project

Kalwynah Stryker
Folk & Watercolor Artist