Watercolor Workout: Hummingbirds

Watercolor Workout: Hummingbirds - student project



Here is a link: https://skl.sh/2YyLX6L



Have you ever wanted to create a colorful hummingbird using watercolors? Learn to paint a gorgeous Ruby-throated Hummingbird step-by-step and improve your watercolor technique in this easy and actionable class.

This watercolor class is designed as a real-time painting “workout” fit for every artist who’s ever felt intimidated by highly detailed realistic subject matter. From creating an accurate bird outline to mastering shimmering feather details, you'll learn how tackle any hummingbird with confidence and nuance! Key lessons include:

1. Drawing a bird accurately using simple shapes;

2. Selecting your colors with an eye for highly vibrant and realistic look; and most importantly:

3. Understanding watercolor painting as a series of layers - from background to details:

  • when to use wet-onset vs wet-on-dry
  • what brushes to use for each layer
  • what strokes to use for each layer

Class materials and handouts include: Reference paintings, Hummingbird shape step-by-step outlines, and color palette options.

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced artist looking for a new visual element to add to you visual “vocabulary”, you will enjoy this watercolor workout and will be full of colorful ideas for creating nature-inspired art with ease.




The topic of my 3rd SkillShare class was chosen by my Instagram followers :)

I am very fortunately to have access to a sizable demographic of watercolor fans through my Instagram portfolio, and I sometimes use it to ask questions / do polls / to help me figure out the next steps creatively.

Early this month, I was very curious to notice that a quick timelapse featuring a hummingbird received a lot of attention on my Instagram. Anyone who loves botanical illustrations - something I specialize in - knows that hummingbirds make a perfect compliment to any floral composition. So I asked my followers whether I should do a class on hummingbirds, or continue with another flower-based class. The response was overwhelming - everyone wanted to see a detailed tutorial explaining my watercolor technique using this bird.

This gave me an idea of doing a special series of mini lessons I'll call "Watercolor Workouts" - targeted at beginners to intermediate painters and focusing on one subject in a lot of detail. This would make a nice compliment to my longer and more complex lessons where I show an entire botanical composition start to finish.

I have already recorded the videos, and I am now in the process of writing the intro and creating handouts with color palette and shape prompts.

Planning to publish by July 31.

Stay tuned:)

Anna Bucciarelli
Professional Illustrator