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Watercolor Wonderland {Teacher's Project}


I love to take what I'm teaching on Skillshare and bring it back to my art desk for licensing work. Can you tell I had fun with this one? It will be in my portfolio, sent to art directors and then toted with me to my next trade show. Win, win!

All of the subjects were painted or hand-drawn, then compiled and adjusted in Photoshop. 

I used many elements that were taught in the class: snowflakes, birch forest, reindeer, digital coloring and digital collage, and metallics.



I drew the snowflakes this time around with a simple Sharpie marker. The birch forest art was the same piece painted in the class, with texture digitally collaged (shown below).




Doesn't that reindeer look like an iced cookie? Now I'm hungry.

I hope you Instagram followers aren't tired of Christmas or reindeer or cozy, wintery art... because it's not stopping any time soon!

If you're in the class, show us how you used what was taught! 





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