Watercolor Wheels

Watercolor Wheels - student project

Watercolor Wheels - image 1 - student project

Examining the color mixing properties of a mildly unconventional split primary system. Warms: pyrrol red, french ultramarine, quin gold (old). Cool: quin magenta, phthalo blue (green shade), hansa yellow light.  All colors are Daniel Smith except for the French ultramarine, which is Schmincke. I love the deep darks the cool blue and warm red create - and the warm oranges are bold yet not fluorescent. The cool greens are bright and happy. The purples from the warm blue and cool red are rather like rose of ultramarine, and beautiful with a heavy granulation. I love the ability to have either granulating or non granulating options from this wheel. However, the French ultramarine and quin gold produce a mixture that I do not like. All other combinations are quite lovely.

Watercolor Wheels - image 2 - student project

Sarah Ferring
Fantasy Illustrator