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Watercolor Weekend Adventure!

This class was so much fun! Thank you Ana for creating such a great class!!!

I usually paint with Sakura Koi Watercolor but I just got a Kissho Gansai Tambi Watercolor set in the mail a couple weeks ago so I had to try them out for these exercises! They are very different then the Sakura paints, more opaque, pigmented, and shiny. I added extra water to make them more transparent and it worked out lovely!

Loved the gradients, pulse, & precision exercises! I tend to get a little water happy... so I really feel that this helped me understand how much water is enough, when I need to add more, and when I've used way too much.


I did 4 monochrome experiments. I made some plum blossoms, cacti, and a teepee. I also experimented with some watercolor lettering.


Experimental planets!


The Jellyfish activity was very relaxing! I tried out some of the neon Gansai watercolors in my Jellyfish.


For the Galaxy Project I used my Gansai watercolors (including neon and pearlescent colors), and Dr. PH Martins ink. I mixed some gold paint with some light pink and light blue paints to make some metallic stars.



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