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Watercolor Treasure Chest

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  1. Roses In Watercolor: Learn To Be Loosed While Painting - http://skl.sh/2ehnDVz
  2. White Foxgloves Watercolor: Shaping Whites With Spice Of Life - http://skl.sh/2dDRyXG
  3. Wings On Wind: How To Paint Wings And Make Your Subject Fly Away From The Paper - http://skl.sh/29vIYok

   Class № 1 (PUBLISHED 22 Oct 2015)

This is my VERY FIRST class on Skillshare!!!

                               Watercolor Treasure Chest: 7 Techniques For Amazing Watercolors



Artist and illustrator, Olga Peregood guides you through a playful exploration into watercolor world as a tool and source of power, enthusiasm and creativity. In this class, Olga will show you her simple (and seemingly magical) techniques to make colors to sing on your painting, tell the story and impress the viwer. You will start an adventure with fresh ideas that you can continue to come back to for inspiration in the days and weeks to come on your art journey.

Whether you already paint in watercolor or are thinking of learning I hope you enjoy watching it! It shows watercolor medium in a way you might haven`t considered before. No previous art experience is required, just 10 minutes a day and an openness to fun... and yes, to a little magic!

Here's a link to the class outline.

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PROJECT: Discover Watercolor As A Treasure in 7 steps

Project Description


So this is very easy exercises to do for your meet and discover watercolor. And this is the most valuable time you can invest into your knowledge and mood! Because it`s fun!

Don’t throw your paper, make a collection from exercises every day as the class unfolds and in the days following, using the techniques you learned in the videos. It will help you to make decision for your future paintings.

As you complete the video lessons, you’ll learn how to find inspiration — everything you need to paint whatever comes to your imagination. This project will help you make this commitment to yourself and your artistic practice and in the process, make a collection that showcases your own unique magic!

                                 B O N U S !

  • Complete the prompts from each of 7 exercises as you finish watching each video. This includes posting a painting(s) and answering 2 questions: 1) "Which area (happy accident) on my exercise piece I like the most?", 2) "How I can use this? Your interpretations for future subjects" 
  • I will do Project and pass through exercises together so you will have an example!
  • There are 7 exercises, upload at least one favorite into your Project if not every 7 into the Project Gallery.

List of Materials And Art Supplies


Don’t skip this part. Without this information the treasures you will discover in watercolor will be imposable to achieve, right?

  1. Watercolor paper 300 gsm (140 lb) or over 
  2. I work at an angle. Table easel or a book to work at an angle
  3. Watercolor brush
  4. Watercolors
  5. Salt, cling wrap
  6. Tissue
  7. And a wish to successful results!

Detailed list of Brand`s materials with links is included in PDF

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