Watercolor Tiny Illustrations

Watercolor Tiny Illustrations - student project

I am rusty and my art supplies haven't been touched in 2 years but I'm catching up with you guys on day 5, happy to join this adventure! I'm painting my way into summer and my next trip (back) to Croatia toWatercolor Tiny Illustrations - image 1 - student project incredible blue sea ...


I thought I do a weekly update of my progress. I do paint them daily but don't post anywhere so here's first week. I'm enjoying them very much!

Watercolor Tiny Illustrations - image 2 - student project


Weekly update number 2! Except I replaced the branch with a anchor just to use more blue. and the gate got painted on the wrong side because I wasn't paying attention enough, now it's a tilted gate!

Watercolor Tiny Illustrations - image 3 - student project


Weekly update number 3! 21 days already, hard to believe but I am still painting every other day at least. I enjoyed painting the poppy the most buy you can tell I was not in the mood for painting the day I did the butterfly...

Watercolor Tiny Illustrations - image 4 - student project