Watercolor Textures

Watercolor Textures - student project

This class was so fun for me. I discovered and learned so much about watercolors and about myself. I have been challenging myself beyond the basics and creating texture swatches on my sketchbook with color palettes that suit my muse. I found it a bit frustrating to face each square and to have to think of more textures. Here are the first few pages I made. I have tons more but I am too lazy to upload, crop and edit them all. 

Watercolor Textures - image 1 - student project

Watercolor Textures - image 2 - student project

Watercolor Textures - image 3 - student project

The idea of finding textures has become a new tool for exploring the visual language of the world around me. I am kind of obsessed! My last project was a failure actually. The original version was the top one. I edited it a bit in photoshop because was afraid to go over the original with some blue. I didn't know how the blue would react with what I had already laid in the watercolor paper.

I was wishing I had used a turquoise from the get go. But oh well! you practice and you learn. 

I also had a hard time working with acrylic in for my textures. I wanted to create some bubble textures on the water and it was very difficult. I think I may try with a gel pen instead because the bubbles outline needed to be thin and they weren't really showing well on my sandy colored water background.

Watercolor Textures - image 4 - student project

Watercolor Textures - image 5 - student project

Overall this was an awesome class.


Feb 21st 2017 Edit

Ok so after looking at the possibility of adding blue to my piece through the editing process I finally decided to make it happen for real. Here is what the piece looks like after adding blue with watercolor. 

Watercolor Textures - image 6 - student project

I was really saddened by the dark blue line that outlines the starfish. But oh well! I then did a second attempt at the bubbles with white india ink. Here is my final piece.

Watercolor Textures - image 7 - student project

I really did not like working with either acrylic ink nor white india ink. I was frustrated about the fact that the outline of the bubbles was coming out so thick. I wanted them to be thinner. I tired using a calligraphy pen, super thin brushes and even a thin and long stainless steel needle I have. But I still did not get the effect I wanted. I will have to keep playing around and testing different white inks until I find the one I am happy with.