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Watercolor Surface Pattern Design Workshop - Part 3: Farm Living - Final Pattern

Step 1: brainstorm ideas

- Circus 

- Barnyard

- Vegetables

- Cakes & Cupcakes

I could go on and on, BUT would like to focus on a Circus or Farm theme.  WHY? Because I make cake and cupcake toppers, and my goal is to create printables that will complement them.  For farm animal toppers and farm sketch:



I will decide on one theme...and then on to watercolor = )

Barnyard won out, and my watercolored images follow...


I'm not sure how these are going to work in a pattern, but I'll do my best to create some sort of unity = )  Wish me luck!

Whew, phase 2 of the project proved to be challenging -- I ran out of memory in my file, and wasn't quite sure how to fix.  I went back to Photoshop and did a little more clean up there, reducing the file size a bit, and ended up a manageable sized file in Illustrator.  So here they are, my digitized waterdoodles...


Now on to create a pattern = )

Okay, so the workshop is over and I am just now posting my finished pattern.  What did I learn -- that saving your artwork in CMYK for print takes up a LOT of space on your computer = )  Mine was not able to handle the load and I had to rethink my pattern.  So here it is, a modified pattern using a limited number of elements.  Thank you Jenn -- the workshop was fabulous and I learned so much!





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