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Watercolor Sketching Your Life Workshop

Day 1 - Self Portrait

I did this portrait from a reference photo of my Halloween vampire costume. It was a lot of fun and a good experience to practice with my paints. I got to work on trying to mix better colors and learning to be patient and let layers dry as well as using the "white" of the paper. You can see quite  a bit of bleeding where I didn't wait long enough. Plenty of things are wrong with this but I'm still quite happy with it considering it's my first watercolor sketch ever!


I definitely need to work on my brush control but I know that comes with repetition and practice. I also need to be more patient in between layers.


Day 2: Unusual Plant


 I never used to keep house plants but recently I went out and bought some. This one is the most interesting to me because of the white designs on the leaves which break up the nice muted green colors. I meant to get a photo of the actual plant for comparison but I haven't gotten a chance to do so yet. Will update later. 

I still find it difficult to have patience and let the layers dry fully so as you can see on the blue pot edge it bled into some of the soil. I also still need to work on precision but sitting with the sketchbook actually in my lap was an extra challenge. I am not very happy with how the pot edge turned out but I am happy with the look of the plant. Someday I think I will try and paint a close up of just one leaf. This definitely would have turned out better if I had at least sketched the pot portion but painting without a sketch is exciting to me and I'm enjoying doing it for this workshop.


 Day 3: Your Consumption


I love love love to eat fruit but I don't always feel up to making a whole fruit salad so when I want something quick I just cut up and apple and a banana. I definitely over worked some areas of this painting as I could see the texture of the paper changing. I just couldn't get the wet on wet gradient that I wanted on the apple so it ended up being quite a few layers that I was unhappy with. 

Does anyone have any tips on shading? The different planes of the banana were slightly different shades but I couldn't figure out which colors to use to portray that. In the end I'm not very happy with the shading on the top of the banana because I feel like it looks dull.


11/09 Note: I know I'm very behind but it has been a crazy week at work leaving me with very little free time. I am trying to work on the other paintings during my breaks when possible but I've been slow to take photos of my work and update even when I'm able to paint every day. I have a few more finished paintings to post and I'll try and get photos soon. 


-- NOTE: I welcome constructive criticism. If you can see ways for me to improve any of my paintings please let me know so I can try and keep your advice in mind when working on my next painting. Thank you in advance if you take the time to help me improve by providing criticism! 


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