Shirley Joseph

Graphic Designer



Watercolor: Shoes And Watercolor!!!

I thought these Metallic almost Citrine looking ones were cool!!

Here's my first sketch...Im still deciding whether or not to do a full color chart or just a color chart for the shoe...its a bit scary lol we will see :)

My color chart for the shoe ...(I may add yellow mustard to the list)

I'm going to try and do the large color chart over the weekend!! Try and challenge myself :)

Just my latest instagram of my progress #workflow #amateur !! 

Im slowly getting there  and loving the process (just wish I wasnt so crazy busy at work this past week 1/2 ggrr) 1. large color chart   ;   2. finally painting the shoes :)

My first attempt at painting the shoe! 

Going to try again!! :)


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